Strange Attractor
Max Schweder

Strange Attractor is my Alter Ego.
Full Circle is my first Album released on Hey!blau Records Cologne.

The ALBUM-FILM on this page is a stop-motion capture of life. A twenty minute time lapse compressing six days of a Go-Pro around my neck and the neck of Anna.Luca, capturing travel, life, work, countries, the place where I grew up, a marriage, a hospital, family, friends and loved-ones. By clicking or tapping the video, time slows down, and you can spend time with us, all-most in our real-past-time. When you let go, time spins faster again and everything is a blur. But a beautiful blur, just like life.



Andreas Dzialocha (Webdesign)

Anna Luca Morhenn (Vocals)
Johanna Melder (Vocals)

Bruno Bauch (Artwork)
Ben Schulz (Artwork)
Daniel Grendel (Green Drop Video)
Ella Rohwer (Cello)
Jonas Holland-Moritz (Hey!blau Records)
Jono Podmore (Professor and Guru)
Kai Blankenberg (Mastering)
Lutz Rieder (Color Grading)
Marius Mathiszik (Guitar)
Marvin Böttger (Technician)
Mathias Stoll (Edits and Advice)
Michael Aust (Press-Text)
Nicola Gördes (Camera Equipment)
Niklas Schneider (Drums)
Raffael Kühle (Rythm Synth)
Sarah Bickert (Love)
Sinah Käding (Photos)
Thomas Mühlhoff (Hey!blau Records)
Tilman Singer (Video Editing)
Tobias Daemgen (Attractor)
Tobias Hartmann (Friendship)
Tobias Link (Trombone)

Regina Schweder (Motherlove)
Manfred Schweder (Fatherlove)
Anna Schweder (Sisterlove)

Thank you!

Strange Attractor